Miscellaneous 06

Rampant,猖獗。今日新闻:Instances of mom-overshares on Facebook are rampant,...

Prairie,草原。今日新闻:Friday night's storm formed out on the prairie west of Oklahoma City, giving residents plenty of advance notice.

Off-the-grid/On the grid,


Recalcitrant is from Latin calcitrare, meaning "to kick," so someone who is recalcitrant is kicking back against what's wanted of them. Synonyms are unruly, intractable, and refractory, all referring to what is difficult to manage or control. Writers are frequently referring to recalcitrant Democrats and Republicans, since many people are stubbornly loyal to their political parties and unwilling to change. | https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/recalcitrant




Scallion,大葱。或者用Spring Onion, Green Onion;用Leek或Onion好像都不太准确。



Lynching is the killing (by hanging, burning, or torturing) of an individual or individuals, by a group of three or more persons operating outside the legal system in the belief that they have the right to serve justice or to reinforce a tradition or social custom. Motivated by anger, hatred, or outrage, mob members act spontaneously on the basis of presumed guilt, without the due process of law. Lynching could exist because law enforcement officials tacitly approved or could not prevent it. | from http://digital.library.okstate.edu/encyclopedia/entries/l/ly001.html


《Good Omens》很好玩的一本书,以一段Angel和Serpent的对话开始。正在读。


Ineffable,无法用语言表达的,ineffable beauty

Thousands and thousands of souls all got a faint patina of tarnish, and you hardly had to lift a finger.







Mundane task,这里出现过 》》》 ...it’s doubtful that few would feel the same way about allowing the car to automatically take over the mundane task of parking. 还真有点儿不好翻译。直接搬一段英译。

A mundane task is one which does not require much cognitive or critical thinking, and can be performed perhaps while in the process of doing some other task. (e.g. talking while walking). Its connotation however, has evolved to mean any task which is boring or repetitive, trivial in nature, and does not accomplish much.

Gone Viral,广泛流传。今日新闻(搞笑)》》》 A breakup letter posted to Imgur last week has now gone viral, making headlines for hilariously listing 20 reasons for a breakup.

Stunt,特技。"A PR stunt. And if not, some other explanation. Anyone who believes this is magic is an idiot,"

Improvise,To make do with whatever materials are at hand.



Dingy bird,呆鸟,形容一个人木纳呆傻。当用鸟形容一个人的时候,总不会是什么好词儿;有时候你不得不感叹东西文明的相近 :-)。这个词和下面的Insatiable都出现在电影A Game of Shadows里。我觉得拍的很好,很美国。不过好像持不同意见的居多。


Professor James Moriarty: Don't you find it strange that the telegram you sent didn't inspire any action to stope me? You see hidden within the unconscious lies an insatiable desire for conflict. So you're not fighting me, at all, as much as you're fighting the human condition. War in an industrial scale is inevitable; they'll do it themselves within a few years. All I want to do is to own the bullets and the bandages.