Miscellaneous 08

wordsmith, a person who works with words; especially : a skillful writer

walk it back, When a skeezy politician who makes an idiotic statement that reflects his real opinion has it pointed out how stupid, racist, homophobic, etc. his comment was, uses a form of time travel to "walk it back" & say something less idiotic to replace his original statement.

Bill Clinton calls Obamacare 'the craziest thing in the world,' later tries to walk it back.

less often,不经常,各别时候。The illness can be caused by viruses, bacteria or, less often, funguses or damage from toxic fumes.

brush aside,漠视。If Hillary Clinton brushed aside medical advice to rest after getting a diagnosis of mild pneumonia, she was risking developing a more serious case, medical experts said Monday.

quirky,诡诈的。typo-ridden,错误缠身。Bornstein is the quirky man who made headlines last December when he claimed Mr Trump would be "the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency". Bornstein later admitted he wrote that one-page, typo-ridden memo in less than five minutes.

penchant,嗜好。We learned Mr Trump's vital signs are normal. He takes medication to keep high cholesterol in check. He passed all his cancer screenings He (perhaps not surprisingly) has higher than normal testosterone levels. He's a bit overweight and has a penchant for junk food. He says his exercise regimen consists of golf and giving political speeches.

nascent,初期的。hotbed,温床。Uber has been testing a handful of tech-laden Volvo SUVs in Pittsburgh, which is headquarters for the tech company's nascent autonomous car research facility. Many of its staffers are former robotics experts from nearby Carnegie Mellon University, a self-driving car technology hotbed

Gem, is something that is absolutely great.
A gem, a diamond of a person. Beyond beautiful. Beyond loving, caring & sweet.
What a gem. When someone is really precious and adorable ie nerdy and cute.

Our insatiable user is ...

Drenching and locally severe thunderstorms will elevate the risk for flash flooding across the central United States into Friday night.

Applying for credit cards: Employees applied for about 565,000 credit cards on behalf of unwitting customers, who were then on the hook for annual fees, late fees, and interest charges that amounted to a little over $400,000.

Using bogus email addresses to sign people up for services: To enroll customers in online banking services without their knowledge, Wells Fargo employees would use email addresses unrelated to the account holder.

Add insult to injury,雪上加霜,伤口撒盐。
The end game for employees was to sell enough new products and open enough new accounts to meet company goals and trigger compensation bonuses. Adding insult to injury, the illegal employee behavior was often unprofitable for the Wells Fargo.